Coronavirus saliva-based PCR test

Repeated and preventive testing for COVID-19 could help prevent closure of your company or organization. We provide a solution for at-home saliva collection followed by PCR testing in our laboratory.


  • Pain-free sample collection
  • Easy self-sampling, no need for medical staff
  • Repeated testing (once or twice a week) is recommended
  • Results available within 24 hours

The procedure in short

  • Employees receive a card with a personal QR code
  • Before each sample collection, the employee registers the barcode of the saliva collection device online
  • Sampling is best done after waking up in the morning. Upon arrival at work, the employee deposits the sample in a collection box
  • Sample transport is arranged by Biogazelle
  • The employee can consult the saliva test result online using her/his personal QR code
Email us to order your kit

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Check your kit contents

Kit + Instructions

Your kit should contain the following:

  • 2 instruction manuals
  • 1x barcoded saliva collection tube
  • 1x saliva collection tube cap
  • 1x blue buffer vial

Step 2: Test kit registration

Scan the QR code on your personal card. Enter your company code and personal data. Then you are able to scan or type in the barcode of the saliva collection tube.


Step 3: Sample collection

For optimal sensitivity, saliva should be collected right after waking up and before eating, drinking, smoking, using gums or mints or brushing your teeth. Samples should ideally be taken at home. It’s also important to first rinse the mouth with water and wait for 10 minutes before collecting your saliva.

Instructions for saliva collection:

Saliva collection

Saliva sampling
  1. Rinse the mouth with water and wait for 10 minutes to start the production of saliva. Collect saliva from the throat (by scraping) and mouth and spit into the funnel until the liquid saliva (not the foam) in the tube reaches the 2 mL indicator. Excess foam can be removed by gently tapping the tube on a hard surface. After use, dispose of the funnel in the trash.
  2. Twist and remove the cap from the ampule containing the blue storage buffer.
  3. Add all of the storage buffer to the saliva in the tube by squeezing the ampule.
  4. Screw the supplied white cap onto the collection tube and close the tube tightly.
  5. Mix the sample by inverting the tube 5x.
  6. If a zip-lock bag is available, insert the tube into the resealable bag and close the bag. You can now drop off your saliva sample in the collection box at work.

Step 4: Transport to the lab

Bring your saliva kit to work and deposit it in the collection box. This collection box will be transported back to the laboratory by Biogazelle. The PCR test result will be available the day after collection at the latest.

Step 5: Your test result

Consulting Results

Scan your personal QR code to go to your secure online results. Now you can consult the result of your test kit or register a new test kit.


Frequently Asked Questions